Chapter 3: Weaving the Chrysalis

I went on an incredible journey, with an incredible couple! The journey, like the birthing of a beautiful butterfly, from its chrysalis stage to full maturity, took some time…and indeed, may still be continuing.

The following is my real-life story of the cathartic and metamorphic Feng Shui journey of Dan and Helena Sanderson (not their real names), to whom I owe so much.


“Can I just ask for an outline –”
“Doesn’t work like that. You need a leap of faith to leave your old life behind. True metamorphosis doesn’t come with flowcharts.” ~ David Mitchell

Weaving the Chrysalis

Weaving the Chrysalis 3On November 15, 2003, the official process began. I began with my usual spiel about Feng Shui, using Masaru Emoto’s books, “The Hidden Power of Water” and  “The True Power of Water” to explain about energy and its affects on our environment. I talked also to them about transcendental cures (cures relating to the spiritual or the nonphysical realm) for their ailing environment. I proceeded lightly and cautiously here, because these two were traditional Christians, without a metaphysical background, as far as I knew. However, they appeared to be very open to every thing I had to say. I think our “unofficial” beginning, with its spectacular results, was enough to convince them that maybe, just maybe, there really was something to “Feng Shui.”

I began the process by implementing changes at their front entryway. This area was a huge energy drain, being blocked by shoes, coats, umbrellas, toys, and other paraphernalia which prevented the full opening of their front door. I made some suggestions for the removal of these items to other locations within the home.

Additionally, due to a wall that is only about three feet from the doorway as you enter, I suggested a mirror to open up the space and to energetically push back the wall. They took this advice, but unfortunately, they ended up placing a very tiny mirror on this empty wall. Oh well — the intention to push back the wall was met, even if the small mirror in no way added to the aesthetics of their foyer.

I also explained about the ‘mouth of chi’, indicating that the flow to their front entry was important. As per many modern homes nowadays, their driveway led to the house and then you had to make a 90º angle to turn onto the porch. Since they both are gardeners and have a beautiful front yard, I suggested that they try to find a way to create a more meandering path to their home. They loved this idea, and though there were some flaws in their first attempts to create this path, it was a start. They promised to try to find ways to make this pathway more functional, as well as attractive.

The next phase of our journey was in their master bedroom. Clutter, clutter, everywhere, and practically nowhere to sleep. In addition to the clutter, there were children’s toys in their bedroom, pictures over the bed that Dan had never liked, pictures of their kids everywhere, a picture on another wall that was too tiny for the space, a TV facing the bed, tons of clothes on the floor, and a closet that was extremely cluttered, so cluttered you could hardly access it.

After the obvious advice to clear the clutter, such as moving the toys out of the room, removing the items under the bed, putting another picture over their bed, keeping the bathroom door shut at night, and putting pictures of themselves in the bedroom—and not the kids, I suggested they create a wealth corner from their seashells, their model ship, and from a picture of a harbor that they had elsewhere in the home. They implemented this idea so quickly, that I failed to take pictures of the ‘pre-wealth corner’ state. I think it was the metaphor of having their “ship come in” that they really liked, putting a fire under them to act swiftly.

BEFORE - Clutter on the Master Bed

BEFORE – Clutter on the Master Bed

BEFORE - With Teddy Bear and Clutter

BEFORE – With Teddy Bear and Clutter

BEFORE - With Cluttered Closet, No Door

BEFORE – With Cluttered Closet, No Door

AFTER GALLERY – Pull Up on the Bottom of Each Photo to Read the Captions

Neither of them had slept very well in this room, even though it is a deep blue soothing color. There was just too much energy. The gauss meter readings I took measured 10+ in this room. Energetically, there was an additional problem, Helena had a dresser in the bedroom that belonged to her ex-husband. Red flag!

I explained the energetic and metaphorical meaning of this dresser, symbolizing the failure to really let go of her former partner. She understood and agreed to get rid of the dresser, mentioning as an afterthought that only recently had she finally thrown out photo albums of her and her former spouse. There was a look of shock on her husband’s face–but little did I understand the full reason for his look of shock. They carried on a conversation about this in my presence, which obviously was somewhat uncomfortable for me. For the moment, I remained invisible.

As a caveat to the discussion, I related to them an incident with another client of mine, in which the wife had for years displayed a picture of her ex-husband on the dresser of the master bedroom that she now shared with her new husband. Not surprisingly, this other couple had marital problems. I told them that when she finally was able to part with that picture, which wasn’t immediately, mind you!, her second marriage improved.

It was then that Dan started to tear up, and actual tears rolled down his cheeks. He asked to be excused, and he was gone for sometime. When he came back, he still seemed a little vulnerable, but he told us that he had gone to the outside garbage can to throw away the photo albums from his former marriage. There was a poignant silence! I asked how he felt about this—and he said that it was a good decision. He was ready to move on.   And so, he was.

However, we were all on the verge of tears from the emotion of the moment. It was very difficult for me to maintain a professional composure. More conversation ensued about this event, that had obviously been momentous for Dan. He said that he felt that he was really ready to get rid of them, but just needed the little shove to do so. We all sat in the living room and reflected on the meaning of the moment.

At this point, I felt it was a good time to determine the exact center of the house in order to enhance it for the sealing of the episode with the balancing and harmonizing of this new family dynamic. I also drew to their attention that those photo albums were energetically creating (or symbolizing) a threesome in their marriage. Not only were the photo albums part of this symbolic ménage à trios, but they also had a detached tool shed in the relationship area of their backyard, symbolically representing another person in the relationship. Helena promised to get a bagua mirror right away to cure this problem energetically.

There was more work to be done in their home, but we had already spent three hours together. That was enough for now! I suggested work on the kids rooms at the next appointment. I knew the tackling of those rooms would be a heavy-duty appointment, better wait for another day! I ended up being right—about the heavy duty part. But I’m getting ahead of myself!

At the end of this first appointment, we talked about prayers and affirmations to support and foster their new beginning. They both wanted to create them for more money to make ends meet, a better marital relationship, and harmony in their home. We talked about the placing of these prayers underneath their mattress.

Dan called me a few days later with beautiful, if not wordy, prayers that he had written from the depths of his heart and soul. I suggested he edit them a bit and then go ahead and place them under his mattress to let the prayers begin manifesting. A few weeks later, Dan received a testimony to the power of this Feng Shui adjustment.

It was around Christmas time, when Dan and Helena arrived home from a day’s outing with the kids. At their doorstep was an envelope. It contained $500.00, an anonymous gift, signed only: To Brother and Sister Sanderson.   This was money sorely needed for them to present nice Christmas gifts to their children, and to pay some pressing bills. They witnessed to me that Feng Shui had made this all possible!

THE METAMORPHOSIS continues – Inside the Chrysalis

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