Chapter 2: Background

I went on an incredible journey, with an incredible couple! The journey, like the birthing of a beautiful butterfly, from its chrysalis stage to full maturity, took some time…and indeed, may still be continuing.

The following is my real-life story of the cathartic and metamorphic Feng Shui journey of Dan and Helena Sanderson (not their real names), to whom I owe so much.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mohandas Gandhi


Dan and Helena Sanderson are two very friendly, upstanding, moral people. They are hard workers, great parents, and very religious. They devote a lot of time to working, parenting, carpooling their kids from here to there, and spending time together as a family. They have no time, or presumably interest, in keeping a “clean” house. Just not their priority.

Their home was one big pile of clutter. Literally! It was everywhere: kitchen, dining room, piano top, computer station, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, back yard, and probably drawers. In some cases, you literally had to walk on top of clutter to get from one area to another. Yet, amidst this clutter were two seemingly happy, joyful people. However, it was obvious that this clutter was probably symptomatic of the chaos in their lives. It had to go, but were they ready to remove it?

Dan and Helena had been married for four years at the time this story takes place. It was a second marriage for each of them that combined two families. Dan brought his two children to the marriage: a boy and a girl, and Helena brought her two children, also a boy and a girl. My son was a friend of Helena’s son, Cash.

I knew when I first met Cash that there were problems. He was sullen, withdrawn, ADD. These manifestations began upon Helena’s remarriage. When I took on their home as my project, I knew that there was probably something going on in Cash’s space (bedroom) that needed adjusting. And so it was, as we shall see!

BEFORE - Cluttered Bedroom

BEFORE – Cluttered Bedroom with Teddy Bears in Master Bedroom

BEFORE - Cluttered Kitchen (Yes, really!)

BEFORE – Cluttered Kitchen (Yes, really!) and Computer Station

BEFORE - Cluttered Bedoom

BEFORE – Cluttered Bedroom, Floor Covered with Toys

BEFORE - Cluttered Dining Room Table

BEFORE – Cluttered Dining Room Table and A Another Computer Station

THE METAMORPHOSIS continues – Weaving the Chrysalis

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